Taking advantage of these important programs we believe is a wise decision.

May 29, 2020
National Vehicle Headquarters is the one of the oldest providers of "direct-to-consumer" service contracts in the automotive industry. National Vehicle Headquarters is leader in compliance, professionalism and customer service. Why?  Because we make these attributes a priority in our business. Read below to learn more about who we are in our question and answer format!

Who are we?
We have been in business for over 17 years providing service contract programs directly to consumers. Our company was built on the premise of providing an opportunity for consumers to purchase service contracts on their vehicles post the point of sale for their vehicle. Dealerships typically offer similar programs to ours at the time of vehicle purchase. However, many dealerships do not offer coverage after the point of sale. We send out direct mail pieces offering people the opportunity to purchase plans after the point of sale and offer the ability to purchase these with an interest free payment plan. We use direct mail as we feel this to be the least invasive form of advertising. We have spoken to over 1.4 million consumers and we have sold hundreds of thousands of service contracts. We believe our customer service department is the best in the industry. We focus on resolving your issues, not giving you the run around!
Who are all these companies sending me notices or calling me about my warranty?
Unfortunately, several companies over the years have entered the direct to consumer space offering service contracts. These companies solicit consumers via direct mail and some engage in various forms of outbound telemarketing.  In some cases they are calling people on the national "Do Not Call" list. Others have used illegal sales practices when talking to consumers on the phone by not disclosing limitations of the plans they offer and misrepresenting the amount of coverage being sold. Our company has worked with the Missouri Attorney's General Office on industry practices and we have also worked to help craft legislation in the state of Missouri regarding the sale of these products. We have also worked with other states in this same area. The result has been a lot of bad publicity in this industry and so sometimes we are put into a category of being the same, although we believe this not to be the case.
Where do we get your information?
Our company receives data from a variety of sources. We also use a variety of sources to PURCHASE data.  One of the businesses we also own is a direct mail company. We do millions of direct mail solicitations for many companies and marketing firms so we have experience in knowing how this information gets out and to a degree where it comes from. There are several companies that sell automotive related information. In fact, you do not need to search hard to find companies selling this data. As an example if you do a Google search on "Automotive Marketing Lists" or a search on "Marketing Lists with Vehicle Data" you will see how many companies out there compile this type of information and that is just 2 keyword searches. You can find dozens of companies trying other searches. The moral of the story is that because privacy laws are industry specific, like HIPPA for healthcare or GLBA for financial institutions there are still several unregulated industries, like most retailers, that can still sell information to list companies. In fact, many DMV's in some states are still selling vehicle registrations to list companies. Data can be acquired from automotive aggregators, companies providing "garage predictor's", or from credit data as each of these sources have the ability to provide information regarding a vehicle purchase. We search out list companies and go through extensive questioning of these companies to make sure we are not dealing with a company that is acquiring data illegally or is selling data that is legally protected.
What do we do with the data we purchase?
Simple. We solicit you for the purchase of a service contract and nothing more. We do not resell data we buy nor do we use it for any other purpose. If you do purchase from us we include our privacy policy with each package informing you of what we will do with your information (which pretty much says nothing other than servicing your purchase with us!)
What if I want to be removed from your mailing list?
That is simple too. Just call us and tell us or send us your request on this website. We will not delete your information, but rather we will store it in our suppression database so that if we ever come across your name and address again we will suppress you from future solicitations.
How do I remove myself from the lists you purchase?
This one is harder as there are so many companies in the list business. However, we do want to help you so we are going to provide you with some great advice on how to keep your information from passing around to so many businesses. First,  if you do not want to receive offers in the mail 2 of the larger places to which you can log those intentions is with the collective credit bureau's opt out program and with the DMA's opt-out program. We provide these 2 places as the most comprehensive places we recommend for people to opt out. We will say that not all companies scrub their lists against these opt out lists but certainly many do. The opt out information for credit providers is 1-800-567-8688 (1-800-5OPTOUT) or go to the following website for the DMA: http://www.privacyrights.org/. This site also gives a lot of information about information sharing. Also, you would want to opt out directly with companies that have come into contact with your information. Our company being a perfect example. Call us and tell us to remove you from our list and we will put you in our suppression files. While we cannot guarantee all companies ethics in this area doing nothing certainly will not solve the problem so it is worth a try.
Why do you need my VIN and miles?
We need this information merely to determine what it is your vehicle is eligible for in our system. Nothing more than that. Much like car insurance, the underwriting cost to these plans is driven by the VIN and the miles at the point in time you purchase the plan. We DO NOT use this information for any other purpose. The VIN merely tells us exactly what it is you own so that we provide you with the correct plan and rate quote. If necessary we can give you a quote without the VIN but we take a risk it is not accurate. We therefore discourage our representatives from doing a quote without the VIN.