Vehicle breakdowns and repairs never come at a convenient time.
Let a protection plan give you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

May 29, 2020
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In order to offset the increasing cost of repairs we provide programs direct to the customers of hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S. Taking advantage of these can be a wise decision. Literally, hundreds of businesses trust us with their customers.

Uninterrupted protection for your investment.

Each year, vehicles become more and more high tech in order to improve safety, performance, comfort and value. It just goes to say that repairs will become more complex and costly.

New vehicles come equipped with manufacturers' warranties that protect your vehicle usually for the first 36 months or 36,000 miles (see Manufacturer Warranties page), which ever comes first, when the vehicle is the least likely to breakdown. Once your vehicle is out-of-coverage through the manufacturer's warranty, it becomes prone to mechanical break-downs due to the aging of the vehicle when the financial burden is entirely on the owner.

To protect you vehicle against unexpected and expensive auto repair bills, we offer a selection of mechanical service contracts that will give you uninterrupted coverage on covered parts and labor for many years and thousands of miles.

A service contract is to your vehicle, like health insuance is to you and your family.